Best players

MVPMore then at any other team’s game, baseball game results depend on individual performance of each player. For example, there is no doubt about importance of pitcher’s performance for team’s results. At some occasions his performance is 70% of team’s success. For other position players, there is importance of sometimes just one play during game. But just that one play, excellent or fatal error, can make the difference, the win or the loss.

Then it is clear, why so many stats are followed and evaluated during the tournament or the season. The following list shows the name of the best of the previous years of PBW.

Who will join the list of the top players will be announced after last game of the tournament.

19951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014201520162017201820192020 2021




MVP Edison Valeiro BA .563, RBI 6, HR 2 Spain

Best Hitter

Johnson Ryan OBP .636, BA .556, HR 3 International Stars

Best Pitcher

Roger Balboa ERA 0, SO 7, BFP 20 Spain



MVP Junior Valiente BA .286, RBI 7, HR 1 Rusko

Best Hitter

Marek Chlup OBP .600, BA .429, HR 1 ČR

Best Pitcher

Denis Leonov ERA 0 Rusko



MVP Oliver Van der Wijst BA .353, RBI 5, HR 2 Future Stars
Best Hitter Filip Moštěk BA .533, 2B 3, 3B 1 ČR U23
Best Pitcher Martijn Schoonderwoerd IP 6.2, ERA 1.35, W 1 Future Stars



MVP Martin Mužík BA .524, TB 21, 2B 2, HR 2 Česká republika
Best Hitter Jorge Vrolijk BA .533, TB 9, 2B 1 Intern.Future Stars
Best Pitcher Wes Roemer IP 6.4, SO 5, ERA 0.00, W 1 3n2 International Stars



MVP Andrew Medeiros BA .529, TB 20, 2B 2, HR 3 International Stars
Best Hitter Tomáš Juněc BA .562, TB 18, 2B 6, HR 1 ČR
Best Pitcher Max MacNabb IP 10.0, SO 16, ERA 0.00, W 1 International Stars



MVP Jason Jarvis BA .455, TB 9, RBI 1, IP 9, ERA 0.00 International Stars
Best Hitter Jakub Voják BA .467, TB 13, RBI 6 ČR
Best Pitcher Wes Roemer BA .333, TB 3, RBI 2 International Stars



MVP Adam Hajtmar BA .500, TB 14, RBI 4 Česká republika
Best Hitter Melvin Perdue BA .666, TB 10 International Stars
Best Pitcher Wilson Lee 16 SO, ERA 1.83 International Stars



MVP Jakub Hajtmar Česká republika
Best Hitter Alex Lee International Stars
Best Pitcher Steven Chambers International Stars



MVP Travis Bass BA .400, TB 14, HR 1, RBI 6 EU International Stars
Best Hitter Peter Johannessen BA .583 Švédsko
Best Pitcher Marek Bošanský 13 IP, ERA 0.54, W 1 Slovensko



MVP Andrew Volkmann SA 1.083, RBI 11 AIST
Best Hitter Marcus Riewer BA .526, SA ,684 AIST
Best Pitcher Marek Červenka ERA 1.17, IP 6,0 Česká republika

Andrew Volkmann, AIST, MVP 2012Andrew Volkmann, AIST

Andrew Volkmann was awarded as MVP of the tournament in 2012



MVP Andrew Benton BA .455, RBI 8 AIST
Best Hitter Pavel Budský BA .583, AB 12, RBI 7 Česká republika
Best Pitcher Marian Gajdoš ERA 0.00, IP 10,0, W 2 Česká republika



MVP Mathew Vance BA .391, 2B 4, RBI 8 AIST
Best Hitter Marin Vukomirovič BA .533, AB 15 Chorvatsko
Best Pitcher Christopher Valentine W 3, ERA 1.50, IP 23.3. AIST



MVP Petr Baroch AB 17, H 5, SB 4, BA .294 Česká republika
Best Hitter Cain Bumstead BA .348, RBI 5, H 8 Moskva
Best Pitcher Blake Cunningham ERA 1,24, IP 17, SO 12 Moskva

Petr Baroch MVPPetr Baroch, Czech Rep.

Petr Baroch was awarded as MVP of the tournament in 2009



MVP Adam Sorgi BA .467, 2 2B, 1 HR Švédsko
Best Hitter Šimon Kudernatsch BA .600, 10 AB Česká republika
Best Pitcher Martin Schneider 1 W, ERA 0,00, 10 SO Česká republika



MVP Mitch Ayers BA .438, 2 HR, 7 RBI Prague Stars
Best Hitter Michal Müller BA .500, 20 AB, 10 H Prague Stars
Best Pitcher Leoš Kubát ERA 0,00, 5 SO Česká republika



MVP John Kubachka BA .550, 2 HR, 5 RBI New England Stars
Best Hitter John Kubachka BA .550, 2 HR, 5 RBI New England Stars
Best Pitcher Maxime Le Blanc ERA 0,00, IP 9, W 1 Francie
Most Homeruns Dan Tribia HR 3 New England Stars

John Kubachka, New England Stars, MVP

John Kubachka, New England Stars

Player with surname which sounds very familiar to Czech language was awarded as MVP and became the best hitter as well. Team from USA East Coast won the tournament.



MVP Michal Müller BA .375, 10 AB, FA 1.000 Česká republika
Best Hitter Andrej Bolotin BA .571, 2B 4 Rusko
Best Pitcher Peter Vesterlund ERA 1,50, SO 17, 12 IP Švédsko



MVP Brandon McCabe BA .510, 2B 4, HR 4, RBI 8 AIST
Best Hitter Brandon McCabe BA .510 AIST
Best Pitcher Daniel Page ERA 0,00, W 2, SV 1, IP 12 Uniforms Express
Most Homeruns Brandon McCabe HR 4 AIST



MVP Kraig Costintino BA .400, 4 2B, 2 HR Uniforms Express
Best Hitter Lukáš Borecký BA .429, 2 2B, 1 3B Česká republika
Best Pitcher Mathew Scott ERA 0,00, W 1, IP 7 AIA



MVP Mike Rodriguez BA .314, 3 2B, 15 RBI Uniforms Express
Best Hitter Jakub Malík BA .517, 29 AB Česká republika
Best Pitcher Mathew Scott ERA 0,00, W 2, IP 16 AIA



MVP Derek Brant BA 0.450, 2HR, 7 RBI NAIA
Best Hitter Carlos Berrios BA 0.500 USAthletes
Best Pitcher Gilroy Troy ERA 0.90, 10.0 IP, 16 SO NAIA
Most Homeruns Cody Sadler 4 HR NAIA



MVP Tony Farago BA 0.500, 9 RBI USAthletes
Best Hitter Martin Veselý BA 0.500 Česká republika
Best Pitcher Ben Ally W 3, ERA 2.12 NAIA
Most Homeruns Brendon Raybourn 5 HR NAIA



MVP Simon Flynn 2 vítězství, ERA 0.690 Austrálie
Best Hitter Michal Müller BA 0.750 Česká republika 23
Best Pitcher Robin Roy W 2, SO 20 Francie
Most Homeruns Tim Konzen 4 HR USAthletes

Michal Muller,Best Batter, 1999

Michal Müller, Czech Republic

Fort the first time he made it to the group oft he best of Prague Baseball Week in 1999, when he became the best hitter.



MVP Wes Wilkerson BA 0.538, 4 HR, 12 RBI Team America
Best Hitter Mirek Víšek BA 0.600 Česká republika
Best Pitcher Jason Quintana W 1, ERA 2.25 Jersey City Colonels
Most Homeruns Chris Carter 6 HR Jersey City Colonels



MVP Brian Burg BA 0.467, 4 HR, 7 RBI Team America
Best Hitter Jiří Víšek BA 0.571 Česká republika
Best Pitcher Tony Benningshof W 2 HCAW Mr. Cocker



MVP Travis Lanier BA 0.571, HR 2, RBI 11 Team America
Best Hitter Carl Jiminian BA 0.667 Francie
Best Pitcher Scott Martel W 2, ERA 2.84 Team America



MVP Pavel Budský 3 HR, 9 RBI, 1 vítězství Česká republika
Best Hitter John Sutton BA 0.545 Schenectady Blue Jays
Best Pitcher John Scudder W 2 Schenectady Blue Jays

Pavel Budský

Pavel Budský, Czech Republic

Was awarded as tournament MVP in 1995, when mostly due to his performace pitching and at bat, Czech National team won the tournament for the first time in its history. That year, also for the first time, Prague Baseball Week was organized at the new Sokol Krc baseball complex at Krc valley location.