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Individual awards

Evženie Votinská, 27.06. 2022 Aktuality

The tournament organizers also announced the winners of the individual prizes at the closing ceremony.

The MVP award went to Peter Saldana of the Hakusoh Globetrotters. A catcher who added 4 hits and 4 retired for his team to his excellent performance in the field.


The best pitcher was Ethan Skuija of the same team. He gave out 8 strikeouts in 4 innings in the finals. He pitched a total of 6 innings in the tournament, receiving only 1 hit and striking out 12 batters himself.


The award for the best hitter went to Wander Encarnación of Spain. Author of 2 home runs, one of which he hit against the Czech team and helped his team to win. He added the second in the finals and drove in a total of 7 RBI during the tournament.

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