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Hakusoh Globetrotters win

Evženie Votinská, 26.06. 2022 Aktuality

The final day of the 41st edition of the PBW was originally scheduled for five matches, but only one, the final between the Hakusoh Globetrotters and Spain, was played.

The other matches, the two semi-finals, the 3rd and 5th place matches, had to be cancelled due to the weather. The 3rd-6th places were thus decided by the performance of the teams in the preliminary groups.
Thanks to victories over Greece and Old World Baseball, the Czech Republic took the final bronze position and will have to wait another year to win the tournament.

The start of the final match between group winners Spain and Hakusoh Globetrotters was postponed several times and the players finally took the field at 9:00 pm. Incredible job by the ground crew to make the game happen.

The pitchers dominated the final game for a long time. On the side of Globetrotters, Ethan Skuija, known to the Czech fans. He plays in Tempo and reigns over the pitchers in the Extraleague and has proven his qualities at the international level. The Spaniards nominated Ronald Medrano. The first points of the game came in the 4th inning, when the Spanish pitching accuracy went away and after a series of walks, wild pitches and a successful at-bat the Globetrotters took a 2-0 lead. By that time Skuija was replaced on the mound by another Czech Extraliga player, Ostrava's Alec Lemmon, and even against him the fearsome Spanish batters failed to make their mark. Another blow for the Spanish defense came in the 5th inning, when even the Spanish pitchers struggled with control, resulting in a four-run score for the opponents. Wander Encarnación hit a solo home run for Spain's only run.

Final standings of the tournament:
1. Hakusoh Globetrotters
2. Spain
3. Czech Republic
4. The North Baseball
5. Greece
6. Old World Baseball
7. Utena Titans

Tournament photo gallery here

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