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Streams - day 3

Evženie Votinská, 24.06. 2022 Aktuality

You can also watch the third PBT match via streams on the StayLive platform. The highlight of the day, the Czech Republic vs. Spain, is again on CT Sport Plus with commentary by Jakub Stařík and Daniel Vavrusa

If you are in the Czech Republic you can stream for free, if you are abroad the stream is charged. In both cases you need to register.

Hakusoh Globetrotters vs. Czech Prospects
CZE - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-hakusoh-globetrotters-czech-prospects-wogj5al
ABROAD - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/pbwinternational

The North Baseball - Utenos Titanai
CZE - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-the-north-baseball-france-u61mfo
ABROAD - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-the-north-baseball-france-un5on

Greece - Old World Baseball
CZE - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-greece-old-world-baseball-2tjel
ABROAD - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-greece-old-world-baseball-t07yod

Spain - Czechia
CZE - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-czech-republic-spain-o3fi1
ABROAD - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-czech-republic-spain-1h3b9


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