Spain and both Czech teams are undefeated so far

Evženie Votinská, 23.06. 2022 Aktuality

Out of the four matches played on Thursday, three ended in clear victories, while the duel between Spain and Greece was exciting and even until the very end.

The defending champions won 4-2, but had to fight hard for their second success of the tournament. The Spaniards were unable to make a breakthrough for a long time against the great throwing Orfanidis. On the other hand, Mahalikis' home run put them up 2-1. A possible surprise for Greece was ruined by three runs scored by the Spanish team on two outs in the top of the 8th inning.

The Czech Prospects were facing Lithuanian Utenos Titanai and the Czech youngsters did not falter in their second appearance and won clearly 11:3. The game was decided in the 3rd inning, after which Czech Prospects took the lead 9:0. In the rest of the game, they did not assert themselves so much against the visiting pitchers from the Czech Extraliga, who had reinforced the Lithuanian players.

The Czech national team faced the American team Old World Baseball. As on Wednesday, the Czech team had a slower start to the game, although they took a slim lead after home runs by Hajtmar and Smola. However, they broke through a well-pitched Murphy in the 5th inning and used five runs to decide their final victory 8-1. They too now have two wins in the tournament, which means they advance to the semifinals.

The Hakusoh Globetrotters' second game did not produce an evenly matched game either. The Canadian youngsters of The North Baseball were already down 0:8 after the 4th inning, mainly thanks to two home runs by Gallagher. The Globrotters gradually increased their lead to a final 16-0 after the 7th inning. Traditionally, the team had more than 25 players involved in the game.

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