Streams - day 2

Evženie Votinská, 23.06. 2022 Aktuality

You can also watch the second day of Prague Baseball Week via StayLive.

If you are in the Czech Republic you can stream for free, if you are abroad the stream is charged. In both cases you need to register. Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy our broadcasts.

The Old World Baseball game against the Czech national team, which is played at 4:30 pm at Tempo Field, will also be available to watch on the CT Sport Plus platform. Commentary by Martin Kozak and Daniel Vavruša https://bit.ly/3N9o5A9

11:00 Spain vs. Greece
CZECH REPUBLIC - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-spain-greece-nrb22
CIZINA - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-spain-greece-0ro9u

13:00 Utenos vs. Czech Prospects
CZECH REPUBLIC - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-france-czech-prospects-zyb4z
CIZINA - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-france-czech-prospects-2h7kzl

16:30 Old World Baseball vs. Czech Republic
CZECH REPUBLIC - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-old-world-baseball-czech-republic-m3kfh
CIZINA - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-old-world-baseball-czech-republic-1j5ghy

18:30 The North vs. Hakusoh Globetrotters
CZECH REPUBLIC - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-the-north-baseball-hakusoh-globetrotters-6xlk9p
CIZINA - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-the-north-baseball-hakusoh-globetrotters-k7lpif

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