Streams - day 1

Evženie Votinská, 22.06. 2022 Aktuality

On the first day of the tournament there are 4 matches on the schedule, which you can watch via the StayLive streaming platform.

The matches are commentated and can be watched backwards. For viewers in the Czech Republic, just register and see all matches for free.
For viewers abroad, the cost of watching the tournament is as follows: 1 match 3 Euros, 1 day 6 Euros, the whole tournament 12 Euros

In addition, the evening match between the Czech Republic and Greece can be watched for viewers in the Czech Republic on the CT Sport Plus platform https://bit.ly/3yb4Fq5

Hakusoh Globetrotters - BK Utenos Titanai
CZECH REPUBLIC https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/video/s-hakusoh-globetrotters-france-m9oubc
INTERNATIONAL - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/video/173171

Spain - Old World Baseball
CZECH REPUBLIC - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-spain-old-world-baseball-s12r1f
INTERNATIONAL - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-spain-old-world-baseball-5qwrkd

Czech Prospects - The North Baseball
CZECH REPUBLIC - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-czech-prospects-the-north-baseball-bfbhxk
INTERNATIONAL - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-czech-prospects-the-north-baseball-q758q

Czech Republic - Greece
CZECH REPUBLIC - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-czech-republic-greece-pdgkcj
INTERNATIONAL - https://www.staylive.io/czechbaseball/livestream/s-czech-republic-greece-xc4n5c



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